Welcome to the Skellig Experience
The Skellig Experience Visitor Centre for the Skellig Islands

About the Skellig Experience

Here at THE SKELLIG EXPERIENCE VISITOR CENTRE you can experience many aspects of those offshore Skellig islands while remaining on the dry land. Located right on the waterfront we can provide a one stop shop for all with an exhibition area, audio visual, gift shop as well as a fully licensed restaurant.

Here, through re-creations and models you can study the works and lives of the Skellig monks of the early Christian period, their activities, their endurance and their dedication in gaining a foothold on a tiny, inhospitable, offshore island and creating a community there that survived for some 600 years. In The Skellig Experience’s 80-seat auditorium, through a 14-minute film presentation you can follow the footsteps of those Skellig monks, and wonder at the legacy of architecture that they left behind.

The Skellig Experience Centre also offers – again through artefacts and realistic re-creations – an experience of Skellig lighthouse – its history – its light keepers and its service to mariners since the 1820’s.

In The Skellig Experience Centre the underwater life of Skellig is presented through a gallery of the still photographs of visiting international Skellig divers and through a colourful video exclusively from Skellig waters.

During the summer months we also offer cruises around Skellig Michael as well as landing tours. These tours are weather dependent.