Welcome to the Skellig Experience
The Skellig Experience Visitor Centre for the Skellig Islands

Welcome to The Skellig Experience Visitor Centre

This visitor attraction was developed by Cork Kerry Tourism in 1991-1992 to make the four treasures of the off shore Skellig Islands more easily understood by all. The exhibition building is a purpose built visitor centre opened in 1992, designed to be rugged in feeling and finishes, to reflect the experience which will be undertaken by visitors. The use of concrete vaults with grass topping is designed to echo the wild quality of the south west of Ireland and to blend in with the surrounding hills.
The exhibition has four themes.  The history and archaeology of Skellig Michaels Early Christian monastery.  The Sea Birds, their habitat, their world wide travels. The Lighthouses which have given 161 years of service to mariners. The Underwater Skellig, which has colour and magic equal to any sea in the world.
The Exhibition Centre has an 80 seat auditorium where a 14 minute film presentation  * An Island On The Edge Of The World *  takes visitors to the magical place Skellig Michael.

The Skellig Experience

You can experience many aspects of those offshore Skellig islands while remaining on the dry land, in a custom built, stone clad, grass roofed, prize winning building located right on the waterfront beside the Valentia Island bridge at Valentia, County Kerry!


The Skellig Film

Over 1400 years ago Skellig Michael became home to a small group of men seeking religious solitude and isolation on one of the most extraordinary locations on earth. In this short documentary we take an audio visual journey through this ISLAND ON THE EDGE OF THE WORLD and into the lives of the monks that came to inhabit it We see the remarkable structures and steps they built and their unique way of life completely apart from the rest of the world.


Take a Boat Trip

visit Skellig Michael and climb to the monastic site some 200 metres above the sea